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Welcome to My World of Black and White…

Welcome!  Take a peek around.  This site is relatively new but I’m adding new and exciting things every day, so feel free to give a follow.  Glad you’re here, and feel free to send me an email if you have any questions. Enjoy!


Happy New Year!

Hello all! I do hope all of you have had a delightful holiday.  I’ve been in Florida the last few weeks, spending time with my boyfriend and his family.  Actually, I’ve been spending time working diligently to get the many pages of Ornamentium edited and digitized which is a somewhat

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How to Make a Coloring Book. In 10 Easy Steps.

Step One: Start at the beginning. I usually never know what a drawing is going to look like when I begin, and instead of being intimidated by a blank sheet of paper I just divide it into sections, thereby conquering my domain with bits of graphite, thinking to myself, “HA!

By Popular Demand: How I Became an Artist. And Stayed One.

This will be lengthy, and I enjoy words, so get a cup of tea and settle in. During my streams on Twitch I get this question quite often, and it’s a question that is difficult to answer quickly, as what people now know as my art has been a culmination

The Holidays Are Upon Us!

I do hope everyone is staying cozy warm (I can attest it’s a bit chilly up here in the Pacific Northwest) and has some downtime scheduled to relax and, of course, to be creative during the holidays. :) I’ve put together a small flip-through video of my latest coloring book, Silent


Watch Me Create Coloring Books LIVE on Twitch Creative!

Would you like to see how coloring books are made?  Feel free to join me here on Twitch!  Signing up is as easy as signing up for a Twitter account – and I stream my work almost daily.  Chat with other fun creative types and you can ask me almost


Deck the halls with boughs of…colored pencils.

So very pleased to announce that my Holiday coloring book, published by Diversion Books, is now available for presale on Amazon to be shipped on November 10th (just before my birthday!)   Silent nights is full of holly leaves, snowmen, gingerbread houses, detailed Holiday mandalas, ornamental Christmas trees, and so


“Serenity Swirls” now available!

     My debut coloring book, Serenity Swirls, is now available via Amazon, Barnes and Noble, and in-stores at all major book retailers.  I’m working this week on independent Seattle bookstores so stay tuned for details. Click here to download a free Serenity Swirls coloring page!


Back to the drawing board. With tea. <3


Ornamentium Coloring Event at the Columbia Tower Club

Last week, the event coordination team led by the amazing JoJo Satterfield at the Columbia Tower Club were kind enough to host a Coloring and Cocktails event featuring Ornamentium.  It was a glorious setting, with lovely people, great food, wine, cocktails, and lots of glittery pens and pencils and boisterous

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A Delightful Partnership: Modify Watches

Recently, Modify Watches and I teamed up to produce 4 designs to be sold as customizable watches on their site,  They work with artists and illustrators all over the globe to produce brilliant products with hundreds of amazing watch faces and colored bands to choose from.  Be sure to pay



  Artist: Jennifer Lankenau  Title: Equanimity Media: Graphite, pen, acrylic ink on recycled paper Dimensions: 6″ x 9″ Year: 2011


Free Ornamentium Download

As promised, I wanted to give you all another free page from my upcoming coloring book due late this year, Ornamentium.  Please use the following link: To download the PDF. As always, thank you for your continued enthusiasm and support! <3


Christmas in September

Working on book number two and calling upon my memories of Christmases past with my mother, the queen of all things holiday related and awesome.  Thanks for that experience, mom!  It’s coming into play heavily this month. <3


Latest and Greatest in Ornamentium

I wanted to post a small collection of what I’ve been working on while I’ve been ignoring my blog (sorry about that!). I really need to work to keep this updated more often. ;) In other news, things are moving right along on the publishing front – slow and steady

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Live Ornamentium Doodling!

Troll at your own risk.  I have caffeine.  But please do keep me company.  The artist life is a lonely one. ;)

Small Spiral

Free Coloring Page from Ornamentium!

Hello everyone, I would just like to extend a gesture of appreciation and gratitude to everyone who has been so very encouraging and supportive of my work and this project.  I confess, this has been an interesting mix of overwhelming excitement and abject terror, and it never would have been


Fun Things are Afloat in the DoodleDen today…

Wrapping up page 23 this weekend…


This is Where I do a Kickstarter Victory Lap!

Well, color me tickled – my project is funded!  So many people to thank – 108, actually – but I’ll wait until the acknowledgements page in my book to reveal them publicly. ;) In the meantime, I will be working tirelessly to secure a publisher, finish 19+ new Ornamentium pages,

Ornamentium – Last Days on Kickstarter!

  Hello all, Just a quick update to announce Ornamentium’s final days on Kickstarter.  This has been an amazing journey and I sincerely appreciate everyone’s support.  This book wouldn’t be happening without all of you, and I am thrilled that you are accompanying me on this crazy, ever-changing journey. <3

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